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CB Commands

The available CB commands can be found in game by typing cb:


By typing in cb:survival in game chat, you obtain a 1 time $250,000 galaxy credit to help you fund your advanture

Go to your ship

Too far from your ship?

Save your ship ID somewhere safe, and save yourself from jetpacking from afar by typing in cb:gotoship:"ID"

"ID" = your ship id

P.S. your ship id can be found under statisitcs page in your P menu.

Sticker Chats

To communicate with your faction members when they are not online, utilize the cb:fm command.

Type in cb:fm:"your message" to leave a sticker note for your faction members to read when they come online.


If your character is stuck in a loop, and you have no other choices, cb:reset might be for you!

Get your ship here

If you don't want to lose your position, you may also utilize the get ship here command.

By typing in cb:getshiphere:"ID"

"ID" = your ship id

You can get your ship to your location

P.S. Max range is 200 meters away.

Sticker Chats - Private

Want to whisper to someone to express your love for them?

Type in cb:W:"Player name":"your message" to leave a text mail for your friends to read when they come back online!

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